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Thread: High PSA Levels

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    Quote Originally Posted by cptnblah View Post
    Well guys.its official yesterday. I have one more dx on my ever growing list of issues. Prostate cancer. It is in early stages but cause im only 45, they say I shld just totally remove since I shld have mny more yrs ahead. Otherwise it cld come back. I see the surgeon that uses Di Vici Robot tomorrow and hopefully get er dun nxt week so I can be ready for boat season...I knw Rob undersands that one. To much work to do on it before season strts. ROB u better gt in and gt ur chkup unless u have since u last posted about it. More to follow later.
    Omgosh... I am truly sorry about this! I have heard 8 cases of cancer this week and you are now #9 ! Sheesh!

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    Thanks but I was just posting an update to what had been going on. I have done all the research on what I have and what I need to do with it. I just hadn't posted any updates in a while cause of not being mentally with it in a while. I have been so busy that I have only had my boat out twice this year...once last Saturday for enjoyment and the other was two Fridays before that just to test it out so that was no fun. Rob can attest that for a boater, that is a disgrace. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I also sometimes use my phone and have Raynaud's so the touch screen doesn't always cooperate and the keys are too small for my thumbs.

    Money cannot buy you happiness but it can buy you a big enough boat to allow you to pull up along side it!!! - David Lee Roth

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