Hello all,
Been off grid for while now. Been a yr since goin out from mill on disability retirement thru them. Waiting on my admin law judge appt for disability. Have a great atty for it. Had to buy an ereader that hs internet as i am not able to go dwnstairs to computer easily. Been having lots of med issues also.

My question is...my PSA came back at 3.5. I knw it is stil within range but i am 45yrs old and urologist left practice and replacement is idiot (surprise!). He had me come in and i told him that last time it was hih, the doc gave me cipro and it endd up being an infecton and my rheumy told me that with al i have going on medicaly, that is probably the culprit. He scould and said its not likely. However, not that i was disapointd by this, he did not do the DRE that usualy gos with this isue. I gues im just wondering if any othr mals have ezperienced this. I do not have discomfot...just the usual urination stuf. I also have an apt with new doc intwo weks and on a month run of cipro that i m on now.

Sory about speling s i m typing with a stylus and am only making changes to the gros mispeling.

Thanks so much and hope all are having a great, safe, and good felin holiday!