Hey everyone,

So I just wanted to let people know that I haven't been on for a very long time. The reason for that is because for some reason I couldn't get back on this site. Just today I tried again and amazingly could get on. =) I'm very excited about this. I want to let everyone know that since I last was on I went into remission, but recently I had a relapse. So... =( I would still love to talk to teens with lupus. So if you're interested in talking to me, I'm here, and I can get on again. But I'm kinda confused about how to work this site. lol Like I said, it's been a really long time since I was on here. I don't know who I used to talk to or who I responded to in my old posts. So if someone messaged me and I never answered...sorry, I couldn't get on. Let me know if you want to talk, seriously, I would love to.