Yes we're going through alot the same and the numbness started on me about the same time. I've added to several threads more or less everything in that i've had in the last 24yrs but now at 42 it's realy taking it out on my body, at the age of 5yrs old i started having symptoms but now it's realy progressing. When i'm typing i have to wear gloves at the moment my hands are paining me all flared up and purplish/Red not cuts down to the bones as yet, as last year they was in a state, i use steroid creams but they only work so far then the skin specialist moves me on and the cream for my face god it burns it out now, you'd think i'd been stuck in the oven for hours, so at the mo just nivea cream i'm able to use to help the dry skin till i see him again.
I've been having a rough time of it lately coping, with having manic depression i'm more down than up and 60% of the time i'm blurting my eyes out, so i realy do know how you feel.
I realy hope this new rheumo specialist can realy help you out, as i said before i don't see mine till january but he's took enough blood for transfusions but i want answers from the tests that have been taken more recentley. When i mentioned lady or cow being around loads of idiots who are surposed to be so called Doctor's who have diagnosed me wrong on several occasions then i've had to suffer with withdrawal symptoms, i'm not took for a fool no more and i out burst very quickly if i'm being messed about.

So hopefully come tomorrow, you should have some news one way or another and i realy do wish you the very best.

Luv Terri xxx