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thanks terri,

what beautiful pictures. i wish you a merry christmas and happy new year too.

i will have my kids, grandkids, cousins, and friends for christmas eve dinner on friday. then saturday morning i will go and see what santa brought the grandkids, then i drive to alabama to have christmas dinner with my parents and brothers and their families...Jim rescued a little lost and neglected yorky this week, so i think he might stay home to take care of this precious little angel girl that has joined our family.

i am not able to cook for everyone anymore, so i will cook a few things and i have the rest of the dinner ordered, to be picked up friday afternoon....

i haven't heard of the front and back kitchen window openings....but i will certainly give it a try this year....certainly can't hurt.

love to all my "family in the sky"...wishing everyone merry christmas.
Hello Phyllis,
Merry christmas to you also and your family plus have a smashing 2011.

Well it sounds like you'll have a smashing time with so many family member's but it is lovely when you all get together.
Nice addition to the family a yorkie, we had 3 when i lived at home Brandy, handsome and sheena such a faithful breed but very good watches where the homes involved, they soon let you know if anyones about.
Even though you can't cook so much at least your still adding in your own way, my hubby's done the cooking since day one of meeting him 9yrs ago he loves doing it so i let him carry on.

Phyllis have a smashing time and all our love from this end. xxxxxx