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Thread: 33M, was an Athletic Fighter that got sick too often, Very Ill past 1 1/2 yrs-LUPUS

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    Default 33M, was an Athletic Fighter that got sick too often, Very Ill past 1 1/2 yrs-LUPUS

    Hi all,
    Have gotten very "sick", very often like every 5th or 6th week of my life would be down with a "Viral Infection". Did Martial Arts my whole life. Trained MMA at the highest level for 14 yrs, fought Pro a few times. Being athletic, and training 4 nights a week was my life, and my identity. A year and a half ago I got very ill. Migraines started, overheated in the summer, dizzy etc. After much to do and many months, told I have LUPUS and Sjorgens, which is kinda funny but not since I have been known by the name DanTheWolfman for many many years. Now I am tired, all the time, in pain all the time. And it just goes from Bad to ******* horrible. It is always kinda bad. Lately, some days my hands hurt horribly. Mind you I have a Very high pain tolerance. It all just sucks. I don't have energy to go out, to deal with people, put off doing laundry and grocery shopping because I just feel like resting. I am teaching martial arts twice a week and training Kali once a week, but this wipes me out the rest of that day and the next. I can still perform well for a couple hours, be it martial arts or sex, but I get totally wiped out from it and need to reboost the energy levels for a couple days like the energy meter on a video game. Have to sleep with both hands under different pillows so the weight stretches them out. Just frustrated and Angry, though was diagnosed 8 or 9 months ago.

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