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it IS really great to be in touch w/people who can understand. due to the responses, i've gone ahead and started back on plaquinil, and am hoping it will help.
an issue for the last several days...want to know if this sounds familiar to anyone, (and also asking because OF COURSE can't reach my new dr.) :
alot of extra inflamation all over, i can feel it in my whole body as extra pain, extra stiffness, and all around my eyes is visable swelling, even my eyelids are swollen.
could this be the sjogrens, or kidney involvement, or just another inexplicable funky zig or zag that lupus likes to 'suprize' one with? it's comforting to have found this site, and i hope i will be able to help others as i have been helped.
Have you spent any time in the sun or in florescent lighting? For many of us that can cause the things you mention as well as rashes in some. As frustrating as it is you do need to talk to your new doc about this because he/she is the only one that can tell you about kidney involvement or things like that. Just remember that it may take up to 6 months for the plaq. to really work so don't give up. We are here for you until then.

As for the comment about you helping others...of that I have no doubt!