i was diagnosed in '93, and have been through so much, but now, things have become so much worse. i really need support from people who truly understand. we all know that the only way our loved ones could 'get it' is if they, too, became ill, and who would wish that?
i've been wrestling with this disease for so long, and as time has marched forward, have been diagnosed with all the side stuff; fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, sjogrens, raynauds....on, and on, and on...
also, i am on ssi disability, and so have sub-standard healthcare and am BROKE FINANCIALY.
BUT, i don't want to give up, not in the least!
now, however, the drs are really trying to push the newer meds, which, historicaly, for me, is a VERY bad idea. i react to most everything badly.
i guess i am depressed. i'm feeling hopeless. i feel i'm not a good mate; chores, tasks, errands always seem to land on shoulders other than mine.
i feel pretty worthless.
my last ana was too high to be comfortable.
a new doc wants to put me on plaquinil, and it's been so long since i was on that, that i forget why i was taken off of it.