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    Quote Originally Posted by daylight View Post
    sorry its been so long . I've been sick .Some chest congestion,sinus and cough. well I just have to make it through a few more weeks and I can have the blood work done. Still have a weird rash on elbow and around hair line. Had 2 blisters on face but they are almost healed.
    Its been raining here so I'm all swollen up . My feet ,hands ,neck ,legs are pretty swollen. Lots of joint pain and really tired . But I'll live . It will be nice to know for sure if this is MS or lupus or both .
    I did also get some biotin for my hair loss . Hopefully it will start working soon .
    Its nice to have people that understand about this stuff and have gone through the muk of being diagnosed and re diagnosed and so on......... I'm trying to be patient thro all this but its wearing my down.
    Hello daylight,
    Sorry to hear it's taking longer to clear with your chest but all these symptoms come with the Disease before i was diagnosed last year ENT took me under their wing saying i had TMJ disease of the jaw, well you get all the same symptoms with with both, it sometimes makes you wonder if they know what they're doing.
    I've not had the rash around the hairline or elbow but 3yrs ago my face was covered in blisters and i was put on steriod cream then off my GP before i ever saw the skin specialist and it helped, everyone kept saying it was the worry of moving home and it was'nt it was the Raynauds doing it's terrible affects but you should'nt scar as my face as'nt but everyones skin is different.
    I really do hope the biotin helps with your hair, in 3yrs i've had 2 bald patches and they've re-grown back and instead i lose hair more than anyone else. I do hope they can help you quickly and give you some diagnosis to put you at peace of mind.

    Takecare Terri xxx

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    hi daylight,

    welcome to the group. this is where you can always find someone who is ready to answer questions, or just listen as you vent. we have each had our occassions here where we just let out all of our frustrations. the members here understand, and never judge. so, please make yourself at home, and enjoy your new friends.

    I am curious, has your pcp sent you to a rheumatologist? this is the dr. who is knowledgeable about auto immune diseases, and who can run a more precise series of lab work and physical assessment. be sure and ask your pcp to recommend one who he/she feels is not only thorough, but also compassionate. ask your dr. if he/she would send their mother/wife to this dr.

    the lab work is only part of the diagostic process. your rheumatologist will also need a list of the various symptoms that you have endured, and will also do a physical exam. It is a combination of all of these that will lead to a diagnosis. So, be sure and start your own medical history journal, make a copy and take with you to your drs. appointment. There are some very good "stickies" here at whl that list a lot of symptoms, and there are various threads addressing the different ways that our bodies are attacked. You need to list anything that pertains to you, even if it is not happening now. Lupus is an intermittent disease, in that it attacks different parts of the body at different comes and goes at its own whim.

    I know you are anxious to see your dr., but please try to be patient, and try very hard not to worry so Mari said, stress is a huge cause of flares. Spend this time learning all that you can, and preparing your personal history. We will be here to help whenever you need someone.

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