A little about me. I am not yet dx. with lupus ,guess I'm still in denial. I have been diagnose with MS ,RA,raynoud's ,colitis,ON's,gerd,PN,hernia,sponyolosos ,ddd,scoliosis. I've been with this PCP for about 2 years that feels that I have Lupus. And I have a family history of lupus and other AI diseases.
In the past years most blood work only showed high inflammation marker and high ANA. My ANA fluctuates from neg to positive. The highest being 1:1640 H pattern .
My clinical symtoms as of right now are :
rashing, some face blistering (mild) .Mild butterfly rash in the sun mild raise rashing elbow and thighs
vision loss
bowel and bladder problems
hair loss /thinning
pluersy ,asthma .bronchitis (not all at the same time of course =)
extreme fatigue
swelling ,painful joints
severe muscle weakness
mouth and nose sores

I've been in denial for some time now but it time for me to except the possibility and let my doctor re run the test . I'm in a huge flare not and it (whatever is flaring) has made it to my lungs. I can breath ok just feel like bronchitis again along with the rashing ,hair loss, ectt..... I had to miss church today so I'm a little sad.
And found some raised rashing on my right elbow last night.
Getting a bit sick of being diagnosed them rediagnosed. Its taking its toll on my family . They can physically see that I have some health problems but I'm going to hold off until I know for sure what all is happening this time.
Does lupus cause the same neuropathic (gait ,weakness , atrophy) as MS does ? This is one of my problems that I'm dealing with . Not knowing if this is MS or Lupus or lupus and some overlapping or MS and Lupus. My MS diagnose was mostly based on old lesion ,clinical findings and positive NCS and ON's. But I don't relapse and remit like most MSER's mine is just progressing . Plus the lupus symptoms.
Its all making me crazy . And I can get into see my PCP until January.
So these is what brings me to you all.
Welcome to my crazy life. =)