My name is John and I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus in year 2000. Originally, I was treated as as Arthritis suffer as Lupus can oftentimes be diddicult to diagnose. Although I have taken many medications over the years, Prednisone, Plaquenil and Actonel seems to be the only medication which my body will accept. I have taken Methotrexate but found it draines my energy.

Over the years, I have learned that Lupus reacts differently in many people. I have also learned to be very careful with extended periods in the sun. Most of the time, I have little energy. My Lupus attacks are triggered by not enough rest, stress, long hours at work and exposure to direct sunlight. When an attack comes, I break out in a rash on my hands and on my knees an MUST rest. An increase in my Prednisone dosage and a series of Vitamin B-12 Shots do help with rest being the key factor.

I advise anyone using Plaquenil to continually have your eyes checked as prolong usage of this medication has affected my vision. Also, I have experienced that large dosages of Prednisone can cause one to be a bit short tempered.

One person has passed on in my family from complications caused by Lupus. Another has had a kidney replacement and now needs another.

My best advise to anyone suffering from Lupus is to find yourself a good doctor and a good Lupus Specialist who understands this illness and work closely with them. You will llkely have bad days, but there are good days also and more importantly, with their help, you will live to enjoy this beautiful world.

I no longer pray to God to remove Lupus from my body. Rather, I pray that he will give me the strength to live with Lupus and the side effects of my medications. God has been good to me as I am here today. If I can be of any assistance to anyone suffering from Lupus, I am here to share. I believe it is very important to share about Lupus the longer one lives with it.