Hi everyone, I am glad to have found this website and look forward to meeting each one of you. I haven't been diagnosed yet with Lupus but will come January. I had Stephen Johnson Syndrome in December of last year, I was hospitalized in CICU for 3 weeks not knowing if I would survive. I finally pulled through but have been extremely sick in every area since then. My father has Lupus and it was mentioned at that time so I was tested for it. They say those with Lupus have a higher chance of developing SJS, that's why I was tested. They didn't diagnose me with it, said SJS could affect results. It's been a year of pain for me and I will have insurance in January to be tested. I've had every symptom of Lupus except the sun one. My list goes on and on. Has anyone here woth lupus ever had SJS?? I feel like I'm going crazy not knowing if it's Lypus I have causing everything or prolonged effects from SJS.