OK Everyone I have a question. I have a new thing happening today and I am not sure if I know how to explain it but I am going to try. I have migraines and have since I was a small child so what I am speaking of is not a migraine.

I am having this pain on the left side of my head starting at the temple. It doesn't fill the whole side of the head like a migraine and it doesn't go into the eye like sinus or stress. It isn't constant but it goes from really sharp pain in the temple and then it slowly changes into a numb/tingling feeling. Occasionally it will spread down behind my cheekbone right in front of my ear.. Part of the time I feel ok and then the pain will hit for 1 min to 5. After that it turns into the tingling thing in a larger part of my face/head (all on the left though) and then it all goes away.

Does anyone have anything like this or know what it is?