A lot of times on a cold day I have more fatigue than actual pain. Well, let me explain it differently. If I weren't on morphine the pain would probably still be noticeable, but a lot of times I still hurt through the pain medicine. The pain doesn't come through as much, but the fatigue is IMMENSE. I was going to get up and go to church this morning, but I could NOT get going. I mean it was like I had 10lb weights on my legs and eyelids! haha. I guess I have to laugh about it, but of course I feel guilty. I ran around with my parents yesterday all day because today is my Dad's b-day. I feel so guilty that I was too tired to go to church with him, but well enough yesterday to go to lunch and Christmas shopping. My inner voice says that I know I can't help it, but still you know how that is. I hate dissapointing my dad because he never dissapoints me. What is your fatigue like? I'm really curious about how it feels with everyone else. Mine is flu-like. If I keep going through the fatigue it's like trying to run under water.