:shock: Shock;disbelief...how can this be happening? Tested for SLE at 28, found to be "false" positive...now I realize I had Lupus all these years!!! Dx in 1990 instead with Fibromyalgia, endured unbelieving selfpontificating doctors who quickly umbrella'd me into "FIBRO". After spending 5 years in the system of SSD as a fibro/depression dx and getting denial after denial for SSD?
Broke out in stress rash 2 YEARS and 6 doc's later and one einsy weensy ana blood test later..."YOU HAVE LUPUS". Now? After the other docs told me I have 'dry skin", "Fibro", "depression", now I have Lupus too? You want me to go see who?...a rheumatologist...like the one that I've been seeing for the past 12 years who never even suggested SLE to me...although I did to him many times? Now...I've got it? Lupus? You can't be serious.

Dr. Ma thanks for your earnestness in persuing the cause of my counfounding symptoms. You are the greatest! Thanks to God for giving you the intelligence and fortitude to persevere.

colleen in va