Hi all

I'm not sure what I'm doing here but an internet search led me to the forum.

I was diagnosed with Lupus 18 years ago and then about two years after when I was much better I was told that my blood tests had returned to normal so it couldn't be lupus after all. A happy and relieved girl I was.

Last week I developed some lupus type symptoms when I came down with a cold virus(severe fatigue rash and sore feet) and have been to my gp today to try and calm a mounting panic and arrange for tests.

I've been sent away with cream and antihistamines for the rash and advised to come back in 2 weeks if it hasn't gone. Standard immune blood tests are arranged for Friday but for some mysterious reason unknown to me the gp said she wouldn't do the ana test.

Researching today it seems that normal blood tests do not mean that Lupus was misdiagnosed, they can be normal in remission. Is this correct?