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When I first joined this group, I thought that SaySusie was a nurse, but she says that she isn't.
I know just what you mean about the blood work. I often feel that my blood tests are betraying me.
I have a copy of the lab report from my great rheumy in Texas that showed the positive ANAs and a positive SSA, along with a few other things.
My current rheumy keeps saying that my blood work is "perfect". She doesn't seem to be concerned whether or not I stay on the meds that the other doc prescribed.
I get the feeling that she renews my prescriptions just to "coddle" me. I'm very, very good at taking my meds, so it makes sense to me that the blood work would read as normal - it's the meds doing their job, right?
Exactly Marla! I honestly think that if they had to live like this for 1 week their entire attitude would change!