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Thread: Weird Rash

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    Quote Originally Posted by debbie-b View Post
    I have had shingles, that had no rash at all. I think it is called " non rash shingles". It was very painful (not itchy though), the doc prescribed anti viral meds ( I forgot the name), it was two years ago and lasted about 2-3 months.
    That makes me think, that yours could be shingles.

    funny how the same thing affects people so differently. I had no pain but was VERY itchy and had almost no rash except 2 or 3 bumps. What brought me to the dr is I sprayed the itchy spot with cortosteriod spray not realizing one of the bumps had opened and that pain made me scream the instant the spray hit my skin. Luckily I went right to the dr the next day and only had Shingles 10 days.
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    Did your rash go away and did you ever find out what it was? My prayers are with you for all you're going through, sweetheart.

    A few weeks ago when I was in the hospital with severe anemia and pneumonia I had a flareup of shingles. Luckily I caught it right away and told the nurse. It cleared up within a few days of using Acyclovir cream. They had to move the person in the room with me because she was on IgG therapy. Anyone entering my room had to wear a plastic apron. At least I got a private room and I told the nurses that should teach them not to mess with me. LOL

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