Hi, my name is Sue. Im not really getting much answers from the GP'S and am a little confused as to what to do next if needed, I have been having hip pain & lower back pain, with swelling/pain of the knees, wrists/elbows & right shoulder. Blood tests are normal. ANA 160\f2A, ANF -Negative, RH <14IU/ml, CRP <.7mg/L.

If you have time please find my sxray results & surgery results below.

Oct-2009 - Loss of disc height & disc signal at L3/4,L4/5 & L5/S1. Minor L5-S1 facet joint degeneration. Minor diffuse disc buldge contributes to canal stenosis. L4/5 small central disc protrusion contributes to canal stenosis. Ramaining disc levels are unremarkable.

June-2010 Severe knee pain/sweling to both knees. Had a left knee arthroscopic surgeons advises "the unfortunite thing is your only 33, but there is nothing further I can do for you, as your knees are completley worn" His findings were: Medial compartment had grade IV changes over central area of medial femoral condyle, with grade I changes over tibial side. Subtle changes in the posterior horn of medial meniscuswhich was resected 3mm.Deep parallel fissures along tibial surface. Patellofemoral compartment had grade IV changes along trchlea, with unstable chondral edges, which wer attended to. Patella had grade III changes with unstable edges which were attanded to. A Micro fracture awl was used over medial femoral condylic & trochlea. (In my words he drilled wholes).

Oct-2010 Hip/lower back pain starts to become severe again & then settles after a couple ofweeks. (Currently just feeling stiffness in the morning with clicky hips and clicky back).

Nov-2010 Current wrists/hands are very sore, as well as a pain in elbow with a hard crack (it feels stuck for a second, then goes away). Right shoulder is sore with constant cracking/ripping noises very similar to my knees.

Is all this somehow linked and they just havnt picked up on it. just not sure what to do from here. If anyone can help I would be very greatful, I have 2 little ones & can be difficult at time when the pain gets severe. All the best Sue.