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Talk about timing! My mom called me crying last night because there's so much conflicting information that I'm receiving from my doctors. I had one doctor practically tell me I'm dying and then I find out he's called my rheum doc and suddenly is acting like I had a mild cold and could come in later that month. Seriously, he had literally left our appointment to call the doctor after my lung test results (she wasn't there) and later I'm suddenly no big deal. Two days later I'm at my Rheum doc who sits me down and tells me I probably don't have Lupus. This is the woman that six months earlier called me on my cell to tell me she had serious news. She believed I had Lupus and wanted me to start on Methotrexate immediately. I was also put on 20mg of Prednisone. In between time, I had blood clots, and other common illnesses with Lupus, all in a very short period of time and praise the Lord, my pcp turned out to be a total prince (I'd only seen him for colds over the years) who helped me much more than my Rheum.

It's Thanksgiving week so I'm holding back but once next week comes, I WANT SOME ANSWERS! What on earth did the rheum say to take me from shrinking lung disease to "oh, no big deal". And how can things change so suddenly when I had literally just had the test results put in my doctor's hands?

You gave me courage Terri. I truly believe in God's good timing - I believe this an excellent example! Thank you!
Hi Serand,
This is exactley what i'm on about you've got one doctor saying one thing and another saying opposite. I've had all the clotting and DVT bad and refering your lungs nobody can be fobbed off refering that score, it's like mine and i've mentioned it a few times on several threads my right lung as a swelling but my doctor was honest with me and told me the muscles are swelling around my lungs and the pain is terrible, well that can cause pluresey or fluid filling the lungs, well i've had pluresey twice in the past and my doc did say the lupus seems to be running abit riot, that's a joke at the moment, it's doubling me up.

Well i'm realy pleased your pcp turned out to be realy helpful and come next week fire the question's mate and don't get being fobbed off stand your ground because that's what i intend to do in January as there's to much of it going on GOOD ON YA MATE GO FOR IT.

Don't forget to add a thread letting we all know how it went and i'm wishing you all the very best. Terri xxx