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Thread: Up date on phone calls made to Gyno & pyschiatrist

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    Well you all know i went to see the Gyno specialist, i have my scan on the 17th november and then it's waiting for Dr Vanner to call me back but my Doctor thinks it may be January, the quicker it comes the better and i've been this morning to my GP's and he's testing me on everything again kidney's, liver etc.
    My husband phoned my psychiatrist yesterday and told him how all the symptoms are progressing, i had a phone call this morning from the pyschiatrist he's asked me what's going on, i told him about the amount of bloods i've had took plus x-rays and i want the results as i've joined a site for the lupus like you told me to and they're great people and all i want is my results getting off the Raynauds specialist as i'm not seeing him till January and i told him about what's been going on otherwise with the loss of blood and what's happening in the Gyno department.
    He's told me to give him 2wks, as he's phoning my GP to discuss it and then he's phoning the hospital for my results and what i've definitely got and to try and also get my results pulled to him but he did mention they might not want to tell me what's completley going on because of my past history and what my depression as caused me to do.
    I told him i'm not thinking of topping myself this time, i just want to know what's up with me besides what they've diagnosed me with below, so i know what's coming at me and what to face.
    So i'm keeping my fingers crossed i won't have to wait to long and (thank you) all for your lovely support.
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