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Thread: disability question???

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    Unhappy disability question???

    will it be very hard to get apply for disability if your still working. i have a good job but requires detail work with my fingers. and some days my fingers hurt and my head hurts and i cant think . if i cant think is interferes with my work. my question is can you apply while you are still working or do you have to be taken out of work?? and how long does it take. we all have bills and I'm not married.. so this makes it hard and stressful for me...

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    My understanding is that your disability has to prevent you from engaging in your previous or current job. I could be wrong and perhaps someone with better knowledge will come along to assist you. In the meantime, I am sending you this link that talks specifically about Lupus and Disability. Lupus is in the Social Security Administration's blue book list of impairments. Let me know if this is helpful to you or if you need additional informationL

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    Good Morning Tracy,

    Sorry I didn't answer this yesterday but it was a really bad day. I tried to make myself answer you because I knew it was important but neither my hands nor my brain would cooperate.

    Disability in the US is hard to get. I have been working on mine since June and I have been out of work since April. They won't give it to you while you work because one of the criteria is that you are unable to do your job OR any other job that you are qualified for. It is a very long process and, from what I have read, approximately 80% get denied the first time (after you are denied you have the right to appeal). The good news is that when you do finally win the payment is backdated to the day you first became disabled (and were unable to work). Most people have better luck with an attorney however the attorney gets 25% (but not more than $6,000) of your back payment only if you win your case. I worked with attorneys for years and read legal documents daily and I have to admit that without the help of an attorney friend I wouldn't have been able to do this on my own due to my new brain issues.

    As a matter of fact I am heading out for a doctors appointment that SS has set up and is requiring of me. It is simply another hoop they want me to jump through.

    Hope this information helped a little

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    This is what the requirements were when I applied, and I was approved about a week ago. My designation does not start until Dec 1st, and I am 24 years old, I got lucky and it shows that there is hope. I also live in Canada though so I am not quite sure how much harder it is to get on disability there.

    Definition of Persons with Disabilities:

    * A person with disabilities is a person with a physical or mental impairment who is significantly restricted in his or her ability to perform daily living activities either "continuously or periodically for extended periods" and, as a result of these restrictions, requires assistance with daily living activities. Assistance could come from another person, an assistance animal or an assistive device.
    * The legislation establishes a disability "designation" which is maintained unless a review shows that a person's situation has changed. Periodically, the ministry will review files. If during the review additional information from a health professional is needed, the person will be asked to submit a new physician and/or assessor report.
    * The legislation focuses on functional limitations, which makes the definition of disability consistent with human rights case law.
    * The criteria specifically address those individuals with mental health disorders.
    * The criteria also include those with episodic illnesses by acknowledging that restrictions to daily living activities can be continuous or periodic for extended periods.

    * It also states that your condition has to be either lifelong or expected to last 2 or more years.

    If they ever review me fine, but I'm not going to get better unless they find a cure so I'm not worried about it. I had to quit my job and go on welfare in order to get on this, and it took 2 months for them to decide. The main reason a lot of people get denied when they first try is because they usually do not have enough information and were denied so more can be sent in. If you are going to apply make sure you get your application as detailed as possible.
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