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Thread: Nice visit to the Doctor's today

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    Unhappy Nice visit to the Doctor's today

    I went to the doctor's this morning, he gave me my anemia tablet's and told me they're for life i mays well be just a druggie at this rate.
    I told the Doctor what happened at my Gyno appointment and that my ENA is high and he agreed with me, then i asked him to look at a swelling coming up on my right lung and that the pains like an heavy thump and crosses over to the left lung, he checked it out and told me the Lupus is causing my muscles around my lungs to swell [i thought nice one again] he then checked my blood pressure it's still low and then my weight as gone from 68KG to 63KG in 2wks and then he gave me the flu jab and after that asked me if i was still seeing my psychiatrist and what he thinks of my situation, i told him he's not to pleased because of me having the depression plus having the disease which affects the organs of the body, i told the Doctor i'm not on Anti-depressants because i've had a right cocktail in the past and nothing's helped so me smoking 15 fags a day helps me to cope with what's going on and he was ok with it.
    Then before i left he said book in for next Tuesday another fasting blood test as i've got to keep an eye on your Cholesterol, my god it never ends and i feel like this lupus is destroying me at the moment, you can't get on without some ailment or another.

    Luv to you all friends Terri xxx
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