hi everyone,
i'm a new member...i have never been in any support group so please forgive me if i seem a little clueless!! lol!! anyway, i've been diagonosed with lupus since late february of this year...it was a month after i had my second child...i guess my lupus was triggered by the pregnancy! my condition is getting stable, according to my rheumy so that's good news! however, i still feel the aches and pains on my joints and muscles every day, especially the morning!! is that normal?? and it is normal to get colds and have it last forever? my son came back from preschool w/ a cold, gave it to his little brother and then i got it...and it's been almost 2 weeks and i'm still sick...the kids are much better now but i'm still struggling!! and then i had a fall yesterday so i am sore and achy all over today!! not a good day!! anyway, i just wanted to introduce myself to everyone and i would love to hear from you guys...you all take care!!