My name is Cassie and I am a 27 year old single mother to an amazing 18 month old daughter.

I have yet to be diagnosed... However Lupus seems to be what the doctors are currently looking at. I have always has many things wrong, but doctors never took the time to piece things together. I have Chrones disease, alopecia areata, joint pain, strange thyroid tests, PCOD and very sever depression and panic attacks. I have seen obgyn's, dermatologist, surgeons, gastro internalist... no one ever thought to look outside the box. Finally a doctor decided to refer me to a Endocrinologist as well as a Rheumatologist. I dont know much about Lupus. I was thinking the best way to get info about this would be to speak to people that have it! Thats what brings me here to you guys!

Im wondering... does this scream Lupus to anyone or do you think they are barking up the wrong tree??

Thanks all