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Thread: Volunteers needed for chat

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    Default Volunteers needed for chat

    We have the official OK to officially "open chat" a couple of times a day so newbies and/or people in need will have someone to talk to. I would like to have it opened twice a day (morning and evening) but to do that we need at least 6 volunteers. We want 6 because we don't want this to be a job for anyone. We know people have doctors appointments, bad days, good days (where they want to get out) and if we have at least 3 people set to work each shift there is no problem when 1 or 2 can't make it. I know we are getting a larger aussie group so we need to make sure we are "open" at a time that is good for them as well.

    Now it is up to all of you. Do y'all wanna do this? If so who is willing to work and at what time? I am thinking something like 8AM (central) and 10AM Central (just as examples of two times a day). Maybe we want to start with once a day. Maybe we want to just do a late evening in the States which will be a morning for our Aussie friends? Feedback and volunteers are now needed!

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    I will volunteer....let's see, what is a good time for me???
    How about Monday Mornings around 8:30 am (California, USA time). I am no good in the evenings at all! My brain shuts down after 8:00pm :-(

    In the event that I cannot do one of my Monday mornings, do I trade with someone or just let that day go without a person to oversee the chat? I think that asking for a substitute would probably work better. What do you think?

    So, I'm in!!

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