Hi, I am new to this site. My mom pointed it out after one of our recent fights and said maybe someone could help me. She has lupus. She was diagnosed about five years ago i guess when i was ten or eleven. We were really close and had probably the best mother daughter relationship ever. Before she was diagnosed i remember her getting sick alot and saying she hurt but hiding it and still being a normal mom. Then afer, things changed. She stopped trying i guess. Then i was forced to grow up fast, sitting at wee hours in the morning with her in the emergency room while the pumped her full of drugs. I became the mother n a way. When i get sick, it doesnt matter, she comes first. When i get hurt, it doesnt matter cause she is always in pain. And this isnt just me thinking of her first, its her thinking of her first. She is so stubborn and demandng. I love helping her but when she is contantly on my back its less like a good deed and more like something i have to do. Our relationship is ruined and sometimes i just want to pack my bags and leave. Especially lately. See, i met this boy about a year ago. And he takes my mind off the stress that lupus has put on my home life. He makes me really smile. But mom doesnt like him. And that puts a toll on both his and my relationship and me and my moms. I think she thinks he is going to take me away from her, but in trying to stop that and push him away, she s pushing me to the end of my rope. I dont want to spend my entire life taking care of the woman who was supose to take care of me. I want to run and express myself and she encourages that, but if i do and she doesnt like it, i get grounded. I cant take much more of the stress and nobody understands me. I havent stopped crying for days. I dont know what to do any more. I need help.