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Thread: Autoimmune Conditions- Good Link

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    Default Autoimmune Conditions- Good Link

    Hi Everyone,

    I ran across this a few weeks ago and thought some of you might find it interesting. So many of the autoimmune diseases have common symptoms/conditions and for those of you that are new here I wanted to post this link

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    Hi tgal - this is a great article. You are so right! It doesn't matter whether it's called Lupus or Green Giant Green Beans! It's an autoimmune disease and the problems are very much the same. I've gone over the information on Lupus a million times since yesterday wondering if I'm crazy like my rheum doctor implied but too much jives for that to be the case. Yes, I've been in the hospital far too often but everytime they find something so I'm not just there for the drugs. I have feelers out for a new rheum and I'm going to do my best to cut down on my pain medication. I have such sever fibro that it's very hard to do and now with the chest pain and lung pain, things are even more tough but if it enhances my "street cred" with the doctors, I'll suffer. Tgal, thanks so much for putting this article on here. It's such a big help and so validating. Lupus is such an individual disease and some people have the blood work numbers, some don't -- but we all suffer in our own way. Since I've been allowed to increase my Prednisone I've actually been able to shower every day and put on makeup. When I was down to 15mg, I couldn't move off of the sofa, and I mean that literally. Going to the restroom was a carefully planned event and put off as long as possible. My son made popcorn for dinner. The guilt was HUGE! When I told my rheum this, she caringly said, "oh, don't go down that far! You need to stay functional!" This is as we discussed my now nonexistent Lupus. Her last words on that visit were, "well, at least your labs are good so we have hope." Geeze! Anyway, thanks for your contribution!!! You're the best!

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