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Thread: Merrilyn - An NZer in Perth

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    hi merrilyn welcome to the site i am fellow aussie from sydney i chatted to your debbie the other night i have lupus and so does my mother i have angina and have had many miscarriages and 1 still birth i have 3 children all were premature my 15 year old was born 9 weeks premature and has autism have only found out in the last3 years had lupus had signs all my life but nobody picked it up my rheumi says thats why i had so many miscarriages and premature births have had kidney problems all my life. i am on prednisone , plaquenil, mexotrexate you will find we all will relate to your problems and we are always here to chat or even vent when you are having bad day hugs good to have you join us hugs kim l

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    Hi Merrilyn,
    Welcome to WHL. We certainly have our share of Aussies and New Zealanders lately! It is so much fun for me to chat with friends in so many parts of the world. It's really interesting to learn about your experiences with all of this. When we complain about our docs or insurance companies here in the US, it is often very interesting to get the perspective of you folks who live in other countries.
    I'm taking Methotrexate, since I can't take steroids at all. We used to have a long-running thread, called It's M-day, in which several of us discussed our experiences with MTX. I'll see if I can bump it up for you, or I'll ask Rob to find it for us.
    I'm glad that your sweet daughter brought you to us. Fell free to jump into any discussion or ask questions. There is usually someone around here with an opinion!

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