Hi after a false start here I am Online, thanks to my daughters Web surfing.
My story starts 44 years ago with pleurisy that landed me in hospital with pericarditis. After several more trips to hospital with what I now know were relapses and being practically unable to walk due to the arthritis "and still no diagnosis" my mother took me to an outside of the mainstream Doctor who put me on Prendisone,Calcium and Vitamin & mineral combination ( what a difference). After another serious relapse which landed me back in hospital the Doctors agreed that Predisone was the right treatment and that I possibly had Lupus. I was lucky to be put under a very forward thinking Cardiologist but the only information he could give me was an old Medical text which did'nt give me avery good prognosis.At that time there was no other known cases in the North Island on NZ. I eventually married my High school sweetheart who was very understanding of the fact that I had been told I should not have children, how ever when we went to get my Medical records for the adoption people we were told medical opinion had changed and we could try for a baby.that baby is now 35years old and 6ft tall. Unfortunately I suffered kidney failure after the birth and we adopted our daughter who now lives on the goldcoast.During my stay in hospital I did hear of another lupus sufferer in the Sth Island
I'm currently under Dr Langlands in Midland who is changing me over to Methatrexate from Prednisolone which I've been on for the last 40 years. Its great to hear that some of the symptoms I experience are not just me!! others have the same problems.
Sorry about the long blog
Love to chat to anyone in Perth