I just found this web site. I'm 21. I've been very sick for a little over 10 years. My illness looks a LOT like Lupus only I havn't had a possitive ANA...only slightly at times. I continue to stump doctors and continue to search for help and a diagnosis. My question is, among other things, I have very bad inflammation in my hands and feet. They are swollen, very hot or very cold, red , purple and very painful. I'm not able to wear shoes. They get very painful lesions on them that can become open sores that ooze and are hard to heal. Do any of you with Lupus experiance something like this? This was my first symptom when I started getting sick years ago. Also when my fingers get real bad the white part of my finger nail sinks down causing a deep dip across my nail. I've searched for pictures of nails like this on the internet but never found anything like it. I'd really appreciate any feed
back. Thanks!