Excerpt from Nevada Woman Sept/Oct 2002

Dawn Perry was a basically healthy adult when she was overcome with a serious illness in January 2000 that would remain a mystery until June of that year. Then came the definitive diagnosis: systemic lupus, one of the most destructive autoimmune diseases.

Fo Dawn almost that entire year was marked by migraine headaches, red and swollen joints, angina, mouth sores and unbearable full-body pain that reached an apex on November 28, when she recorded in her journal, "can't move, everything hurts."

Serendipity intervened on that very day when she received a call from her aunt in Iowa. When her aunt heard of Dawn's condition she mentioned she had heard of "this new product" and that there was a doctor in Las Vegas that worked with it. That day Dawn was in touch with Dr. Purcell and the next day she was on the glyconutritional program.

The next day there was less pain and the mouth sores had diminished. The journal records ups and downs, good days and bad, but steady progress. Finally on January 2, 2001, her journal trumpets "woke up pain-free!"

After that some pages are empty because "I'm too busy living," but January 18 does document, "more energy every day, no aches, no pains, no sores." Today she says, "I can live again. I have a life!"