Hi all,
New to the site, new to lupus. Have had Crohn's disease for 12 years. I'm 27 and just diagnosed with lupus via positive blood test results. I have had arthritis with bad swelling in joints, loss of range of motion, pain, so swollen it feels like my skin will split, red, bruised looking. I just ache all over. It is hard to walk and move around. I also have a rash-little red, scaly bumps all over my neck, chest, torso, now on my face. My eyes itch so bad I want to claw them out. They are red and runny, feels like gritty stuff in my eyes, sometimes blurry vision b/c of it. I'm completely exhausted, which I'm used to from Crohn's. I have an aunt with lupus and my docs hope this was caused from a medication called Humira I took for Crohn's, but stopped b/c of the positive lupus tests and symptoms. Still waiting to get in to see a rheumy. I am not sure this is medication induced because I have had a lot of these symptoms for years, though I know autoimmune diseases can present with similar symptoms. Right now I'm managing with pain pills when I can't take the pain anymore or can't walk b/c of it. Anyone else have medication-induced lupus? Does it go away eventually? Quite frankly, I'm not sure I can deal with this AND crohn's.