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    OK, I may be overstepping my bounds and if I am one of the mods can smack me but I really believe that the chat feature in this forum is not being used to its potential. I can't speak for everyone but I know sometimes I really just want to talk to someone that understands. Yes, the forums help but sometimes I want to have a direct conversation and we have that ability with chat. I also feel like it would help the new comers to feel a bit more welcome if there was a place they could say hello to a live person.

    I know that we can't be there all the time but I would be willing to take a shift or two and I am sure some of the others would as well. We wouldn't have to keep it open all the time but if we could just let people know someone would be in chat at 10AM Central and 10PM Central (or something like that) I really believe it would be helpful to people.

    I also know that we all have good days and bad so if we could two or three people to agree to cover each shift (whatever time the group agreed upon) then if one couldn't make it there would still be people there if someone had a need to talk.

    Would anyone be interested in doing this? It would take several people willing to put in the time. One or two people couldn't do it all because as we all know we never know what we are going to feel like until we wake up! Soooooo... what do ya'll think? Anybody want to start manning the chat board once or twice a day to give people a place to come talk? Do ya'll think it would be helpful or is the forum enough?

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