Sorry for being late and letting close member's not know earlier how i got on but this week here as been like a mad house.

I got to the hospital for 11am and they kept me in the day unit till 3-30pm till i saw a Doctor, they took my blood pressure still low and urine sample that came clear again.
The Doctor came to see me not the specialist i do see, same old question's again wanting full back ground history, well i told him what he needed to know plus my joints aching my kidneys hurting and swelling and then he checked my skin.
He had me reaching and bending to see how my joints and muscles was working and the usual poking and prodding of my body to see where i was hurting. He had'nt got my full details but new the results from my last 11 tests, he said one blood test said you was on the verge of being anemic and within a minute one showed being anemic, he asked if i had trouble eating food i said meat off a dinner but not meat cooked in sauce and apparentley that came positive, my actual gullet is drying out and not much juices or saliva is going down.
He wanted me to have a steroid Jab i told him no and the reason's why and i told him i suffered from manic depression and he said i could'nt have it because it makes it worse plus sends you paranoid and that's when i mentioned plaquenil and he said i can't have it as i've got to wait to see my specialist in january but told me that my joints and muscles are inflammed plus my past history of breakages from my epilepsey have'nt helped and he told me someone suffering ill like yourself with depression and coping with two forms of epilepsey and Todds -paralaysis don't realy need to know what they do have, i tried to push him furthur put got no where and was sent for a furthur 12 blood tests and two x-rays on my back of my spondalitis and my hips where i get the pain but i've damaged my pelvis twice in the past and caused severe damage to that.

I won't let it rest there come january, as like alot of members on the site i actually feel like i'm being fobbed off now, no more blood will be given as i'll be needing a blood transfusion at this rate. I've been so angry all week hoping i could start the plaquenil to ease the pain and symtoms.

Thankyou to everyone for your support and waiting to hear and i do apologise again.

Love to you all Terri xxx