Thanks for the info! You said earlier that you had met your current girlfriend after you were diagnosed, I was curious where you went to meet people. I live in a very small town surrounded by other small towns, so there aren't a lot of things to do around here even if I could. I have been on a leave of absence from work for the past two years, and I know it was something I had to do but I miss work. I mostly miss the interaction with my co-workers. I am a Correctional Officer and I really kept working for a long time after I should have been, I couldn't keep up. I was probably putting myself and others in danger trying to keep doing it which is why I finally let the doctors talk me into going on leave. So, not working I don't do much, and the little I do is usually right here on the property. I keep in touch with some of my friends at work, but I can't go do the things with them we used to do. One night right before I went on leave I went to a UFC fight with some of the guys from work,and we walked up a lot of stairs. While we watched the fight I started to swell and run a fever, I tried to pretend it wasn't happening but by the time the fight was over one of my buddies had to carry me all the way back to the car, I was so embarrased. He was a real sweatheart about it, but I am just learning to take help from others and I wasn't very gracious about it. I figured that would be all over work, but none of them ever said anything to anyone about it. Anyway, I am rambling, but from the tone of things you are the guy to ask for advice.