Hello, you have no idea how glad I am to meet people who may go through the same things I do. I am 36 years old and was diagnosed with SLE about 5 years ago, I had been ill for 3 years prior to diagnosis. I take plaquinal, imuran and a host of other medications from anti-infammatories to anti-anxieties. When I was first diagnosed I was happy because someone could finally tell me what was wrong. Then I slowly began to realize what the words "managed treatment" meant, and knew that this disease would plague me forever. I used to be an active, happy person. I spent 4 years in the Navy in intelligence, I went hiking, I am a correctional officer. Now I am afraid I have almost run out of hope. I live for my daughter and as long as her needs are met I do nothing else. The arthritis in my knees, ankles, spine, and wrists limits everything, and to be honest when I have a good day I am afraid to do anything that might bring the pain back. Except for my doctor I have had no communication with anyone who really knows anything about lupus. I am hoping maybe you guys can let me know I am not alone. My support system is non-existant, this is my last cry for help.