Been suffering for many years and have tons of symptoms. Done marry go round with rhumy and neuro.

If you guys can help me understand my blood test result that would be help full

In dec 2003
Ana 1:80 nucleolar

In January 2004 by rhumy
Ana negative
DNA (ds) antibody crithidia IFA w/ reflex to tired
DNA AB (ds). Negative

Creatine kinase. 29

Histone Ab negative

Sm and sm/rnp antibodies. Negative
Sm antibodies

Sm and sm/rnp antibodies. Negative

Sjogrens ssa and ssb negative

Lyme igg and igm western blot
B. Burgdorferi ab Negative

In march 2005
Ana 1:40 speckled
Sed rate. 39
Rhumatoid factor. Negative

September 2005 rhumy office
Same test repeated that included histone, DNA ds,
Ana, rheumatoid, all negative
Sed rate 58 high
C reactive 91 high
C3c 179 normal
C4c 58 high

Now the two times that Ana was borderline that was done at regular doc office then detailed ones at rhumy.
After 2005 every single Ana has been negative and been tested a bunch.
Crp has been normal buy se rate continues to be high. Recently it was 39. It's not that high.
Rhumatologist says test don't prove anything. And her Ana test is very sensitive and as recent ssa and ssb were again negative.

I have had tons of test done and I am. Vitamin d deficient
Positive test are
Vitin d deficiancy
Trace to moderate blood in urine
High sed rate

My thyroid, ace, diabetes, MRI
, and emg, ncv all normal.

I have muscle cramps and twitching from head to toe
Neuropathy symptoms of stabbing. Burning ...
Tierd, sinus allergies,
Tremors, vibrations, a lot of neurological stuff
Stiffness, there is more stuf
Some rash on back.

Do the test indicate anything.
I will write more about my symptoms soon.
All I know my stuff got wires after flu shot.
As of now I only take muscle relaxers.

I have a sister with multiple sclerosis.

The extensive blood work Is that good or can they do more.