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Thread: Sesotho Speakers with Lupus (South Africa)

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    Default Sesotho Speakers with Lupus (South Africa)

    To Whom It Concerns,

    I am writing on behalf of Corporate Translations, a translation and localization company based in East Hartford, CT, USA. One of our clients has asked us to test a translated Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) questionnaire, which may be used in an upcoming clinical research trial in your country. Our goal is to determine if the language of this questionnaire is appropriate and can be understood by patients.

    In order to test this translation, it is necessary for Corporate Translations to speak with Lupus patients and gather their opinions of the text. We therefore request that you contact (or allow us to contact) suitable SeSotho-speaking patients, so that our representative, Ketso Mafatle, may approach them for permission to be interviewed.

    We will guarantee your patientsí confidentiality with regard to information we collect. Personal information is used solely to determine eligibility to participate in the interview and will never be released to outside parties. Patient opinions will be collected and recorded during the interview. These opinions remain anonymous and are used only to help analyze the translation.

    The interviews take approximately one hour to complete. They can be conducted privately, in a location of the patientsí choosing, and a doctor or other medical representative may be present to observe the interviews.

    All participating patients are compensated $45 USD for their time. Corporate Translations may also opt to pay you or your institution any reasonable administrative fees for processing this request, not to exceed $250 USD. If desired, we can provide an informed consent for your patients and staff, stipulating to these conditions.

    Please contact me if any further information is needed.

    Thank you for considering our request,

    Ketso Mafatle

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