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    Default Trismus?

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and have not been diagnosed with lupus, but I have a few questions for anyone who can answer them!

    I have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), so I've had strange symptoms for years and have always attributed anything strange I have experienced to PCOS. I have trouble with my joints, mainly in hands. Just the normal pain and swelling. I've had an eczema type rash in my ears and on my elbows for years now that occurred after reoccurring ear infections. No amount of prescription cortisone cream I have used has ever cleared it up, so I just kind of gave up on it. I've always been extremely tired and fatigued, especially for someone my age (I'm only 21). Like I mentioned... I've always attributed these symptoms to PCOS, and so has my endocrinologist.

    For the past 6 months, I've had an absolute explode of symptoms. It started with an onset of migraines. And not just regular headaches... I'm talking about full on blood-curdling pain with the intense aura before it, vomiting and just being in a daze. I went to see a neuro and after a clear MRI, he attributed it to my funky hormones and just a plain migraine disorder. Around the same time... the pain in my hands really flared up to the point that it's really hard to use them. I started figuring that maybe I needed a higher dosage of Metformin because it seemed to ease the pain when I got put on it not too long ago.

    And then... a completely new symptom turned up. 3 months ago, my jaw locked up and I have been completely unable to open it completely since. It's a condition called trismus. This landed me at a neuromuscular dentist who said that it was a problem with my bite and requires that I need to get braces if I ever want my jaw to get better. It's just absolutely baffling. Since my jaw has been like this my face really hurts, almost like sinus pain... and it's impossible to look at bright lights. Sunglasses have become my best friend.

    BUT to get to my point.... I decided to research trismus online and potential causes of it. Lupus was listed as one, so I decided to delve into research. I was surprised with how many symptoms I felt that were listed on the page.

    My question is... does anyone else have these kind of symptoms? Or is trismus an obscure symptom and all these symptoms are purely coincidental? Am I going crazy?

    Thank you for the input =]

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    I will be a good idea to go to your doctor and ask to order some blood tests to test for a number of things. Hopefully someone can give you some medication to ease your difficulties you have at the moment.
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    I always attributed my symptoms to my Hashimoto's disease which is an autoimmune disese, part of which was PCOS. I suggest you see your doctor and ask to be tested. All autoimmune disease are related.

    Hope this help,

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    The problem with auto-immune diseases, like Lupus, is that many of the symptoms mimic the symptoms of other diseases. So, yes, some of your symptoms sound familiar to me, as a Lupus patient, but they could also be due to other issues.
    I agree, you should ask your doctor about running tests to see if there might be an auto-immune issue happening with you. Hopefully ,after running these tests, considering your symptoms, and your medical history, you and your doctor can find an answer to what is really going on.
    In the meantime, we are here to help you if we can! I wish you the very best.

    Peace and Blessings
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