Hi all,
I am newly diagnoses to Lupus as of last week. I have never had insurance and no doc has put together all the pieces to diagnose my lupus until recently, so in a weird way, I am very glad to finally have an answer. i guess it all started with rheumatic fever as a kid, then the worst growing pains in the world. My brothers would literally hold me down as a kid while I screamed in pain, and my mom would force feed me asprin until the pain subsided. I learned then how to disconnect from my body when the pain got too bad, as I'm sure you guys can relate too. I started having anginal attacks then too, and anxiety. At 15 i started with my arms swelling and going purple, then subsequently diagnoses with Thoracic outlet syndrom and Complex regional pain syndrome. Had many surgeries for those. I have arthritis, medullary calcinosis, atrophic bladder, total hysterectomy due to pain, horrible joint pains, etc etc etc. I have a doc that has been treating me conservatively for a year as he suspected autoimmune, but I didn't have the money for blood work and all that so he just did low dose steroids and pain meds. The last few weeks I went through a cancer scare, with swollen lymph nodes and a chest wall mass, and that is how they finally came to lupus. They showed me these lists of symptoms, and if you had 4 you probably had lupus. I had like 90%. I was like WOW, so I'm not crazy.

I am currently going through the steps to get hooked up with a clinic that will treat me. They are talking about methltrexate(sp). For right now I upped my steroids really high and it helps some. Just got over pneumonia again last week too. I get it every year, usually december, but this year it came early, along with all the other crap I am going through.

Anyways, Just wanted to introduce myself. I am real anxious to go read the threads on here from you all and learn all that I can about this horrible disease. Mine sure seems to be progressing quickly, and I want to know what to expect. Thank you all for listening.