hello everyone,

my name is jennifer, i'm a 30 year old female, i two wonderful children (ages 6 and 7 years), and a wonderful husband. i have been sick for so long, and i just need to talk to people that can relate.

it started when i had my two children, but the symptoms were mild, except for sinus problems, and never really together, so they could be explained away. then in march of 2008 i had nose surgery. i have had severe sinus problems since i gave birth to my kids, so i went to an ent. he said i need surgery to correct the problem, said i would be 100% better. he did a septoplasty, tubinate surgery, and had to break my nose in 4 spots to line it up correctly. it was an everyday out patient procedure. well, not for me!!! i was so sick, with the worst headache you could ever think of. i was praying that i would die, i know that sounds horrible, but thats how bad it was. i had the headache for 3 days, then it turned into a migrain, which i was then able to get up and make it to the er. the er doctor ordered a ct scan and upon looking at it, he said that he has never in his career, seen anyone with that much s%$t in their sinus cavities. he sent me home with antibiotics, which did not work, and called my ent. i called my ent prior to the er visit, and he just blew me off, acted like i was being a big baby!! when i finally got in to see the ent, he looked up my nose and sucked out some of the stuff up there. not to be gross or anything, but, i had these monster size mucus clobs. they were yellow and green and smelled soooooo bad!! i still have that problem, and not one doctor can tell me why. i also developed a sore in my nasal cavity that to this day has not healed. it seemed since that horrible surgery, i have snowballed out of control with my health!!!

in the last two years, i have had one new symptom after the other. these are some of my symtoms:

chronic headaches (i can't remember the last time i did not have one)
nose and mouth ulcers (was treated for thrush, but its not thrush. painless)
rash across my nose and cheeks( family doc says its the butterfly rash)
chest pain (hurts worse when i take a deep breath)
asthma like breathing difficulty (was not diagnosed with asthma, doc said i dont have it)
severe sinus problems (worse in the fall, winter, spring. very painfull)
constant mucus in face, throat, and lungs
vision problems (blurred, double, tunnel, and i see flashing lights sometimes)
photosensitivity (sun causes me to feel really ill, lights at walmart make my eyes wierd)
rashes (rash/hives from being stressed out or when in the sun. itchy sometimes, pus)
mild to severe abdominal pain (gyno said everything looked good, so did the tummy doc)
high blood pressure
heart murmur
heart palpatations with a heart pound, painless
protein in urine
hairloss (not patches, thinning all over)
memory loss
moderate to severe joint and muscle pain
extreme fatigue
unexplained fever (100-103)
swollen joints
sensitivity to light
unexplained weightloss (75lbs and counting, its a good thing since i'm over weight)
my legs feel very week at times, they feel like rubber bands or something
soaking night sweats
head mri's show a lot of white matter and my vessels are small

these are some of my syptoms, but not all. i have had blood work done, and my ana test came back negative. i'm waiting for the anti-dna and compliment results. i also have an eeg to go to for the seizure problem. i am so sick all the time, its either something gets worse or something new appears. i am getting sicker and sicker, and still waiting to be diagnosed with something. my family doc thinks of have lupus, but she's hoping for a lab test to prove it so the rhuemy will take it seriously. i also have problems with my lower back, 4 herniated discs in the lumbar region with no known cause. i also get this horrible electro shock pain that starts in my low back that travels up my spinal cord to the brain. its horrible, knocks the wind out of me. not sure what that is and the docs don't seem to know either.

i'm sorry this is such a long post, but i'm lost on what to do. i keep going to the docs, for 5 years now, and haven't been diagnosed with anything. i just want to feel better and move on. i just can't keep up on things, the house, kids, pets, family, friends, and myself anymore. i just don't have it in me. the pain and fatigue is horrible. please feel free to give any advice, i need it!!!

thank you and God bless