I've suffered with fibro for the past four years. I bet I saw ten different specialists until a pain doctor who was treating my mother recommended my current rheum. She's kind, she listens, she asks questions that tell me really understands the disease and praise God, she actually gave me pain meds without making me feel like a junkie. Frankly, prior to finding a reliable, regular pain regimine, I considered death on many occasions. The pain was truly that terrible.

In June, after a brief stint of trying to return to work, I developed the vivid red rash that I now know is one of the telling symptoms of Lupus. I'd been tested for Lupus through the years but nothing really showed up. Well, after a full week of driving home in the evening sun and getting home beet red, I remembered it was a symptom and got into my rheu right away. My rash flared like crazy, my blood tests changed and I was put on Prednisone right away. Soon I was put on methotrexate which, after some research, I found out was very dangerous. When I went in to get more facts on Lupus and the methotrexate, I met with her LPN. Within ten minutes it was clear to both of us that I had done a lot more research on both the disease and the drugs. I'm not a confrontational person or rude but obviously this woman has not been contested too often. I think she took an active dislike to me from that moment on.

I went in for trigger point injections just last week for my fibro and I seriously felt like I was at a hostile sorority interview! I quickly stopped explaining my current health situation and waited for my doctor to come in to do the injections and then asked her all the questions I had.

Can you request not to see the LPN is that's common protocol? I don't want to lose my doctor. When she explains things, I understand. My pain meds have not been changed or increased in four years so she knows I'm not trying to scam her for meds.

If you have suggestions, I'd be thrilled to hear them. Right now I figure I'll just wait things out since LPNs tend to move along and hopefully my doctor will stay in business. She's one of the number one fibro doctor in St. Louis so she certainly has the clientel!