Tgal; I am glad that this was helpful to you and I understand you being a bit pissed off. Having both conditions is something that should not be ignored and it just irks me, to no end, that so many doctors won't even acknowledge that this is a problem and that it can affect our way of life.
I do hope that you confront your doctor with this information, once your other issues have been resolved, and that you insist that he/she take appropriate steps to provide treatment for you.

SandyR; Like you, I just cannot understand it either. Are they lazy or do they just not want to deal with this issue? I think that they decide that, if they are dealing with other issues with us, they don't want to have to take the time to run tests and prescribe treatment for other issues. Just because it does not affect their lives doesn't mean that they can ignore the fact that it does affect ours!!

I wish you both the very best

Peace and Blessings