My name is Adrianne, but the people closest to me call me Yellow Shoe Diva. The nickname came from my friends making fun of my taste for yellow heels. I love them!!! Can't get enough if them!!!! Heels are and ultimate good in my book!!! I'm the most outgoing homebody in the world... LOL!!! I laugh as much as I can (sometimes it's not as much as I would like, but what can you do? Not everyday is a good one). I come from a very outgoing family. We aren't to say what's on our minds and that's if we are in the mood to say it... LOL!!! They are the best way to get a laugh.

Now on to this beast... I was diagnosed back in 2005, but I've systems since I was about 10 years old. I was constantly going to the doctors and for a long time I was getting answers like "it's just growing pains..." or "we don't see anything out of the ordinary...". Needless to say it was a very painful time for me physically and emotionally. It took my uncle (how had Lupus and passed away from complications from it in 2007) to convene me to go and get tested for it... Low and behold I tested positive with SLE. I would say that it's been hell on wheels ever since, but that's not 100% true... Just like before I knew, I've had my good days, bad days, and REALLY REALLY REALLY BAD DAYS!!!

Anyways, enough about that.... Back to the good stuff!!! I am a type-ative (the typing version of talkative) wedding planner. I live for weddings. Like shoes, weddings make my world go round!!! I also have a 3 year old chihuahua named Opus that is my life line. He always makes me feel good. He's 6 pounds of pure puppy love! Lets see... what else... OH!!! My favorite color is in fact YELLOW!!!

I'm really happy to have found this place. I really look forward to spending time on here.