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    I been on permanent disability since 2001 and I was automatically enrolled in Part A of the medicare. I never enrolled in Part B because I was covered with my spouse through her employment and still covered. Lately premiums and deductible are getting so high I was thinking of enrolling in medicare part b and D just for economic reasons. now

    I wanted to know if anyone has medicare can shed some light that how is coverage, out of pocket expenses, quality and drug coverage and diagnostic test, co-pays etc...
    there is called gap thing that you have to pay out of pocket a lot.. as my current coverage I have $30 co pay for doctor visit..
    Is going to medicare a good idea??

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    i have been on permanent dissability medicare since 2003 and aarp. At times i find myself in the gap and you have to pay 100% of your drugs yourself till you reach another level. Because some of my drugs especially the stomach one i take i try to get as many samples as i can from my doctors. With medicare i pay no premiums. Most of my lupus drugs are one tier drugs and they are nopt to expensive. I have medicare a&b and i have aarp for my drug plan and it is reasonable for me. As of August my husband is now on medicare and aarp also. They pretty much cover all of our drugs at good prices. I do not know if i helped or not. Good luck with whatever you decide to do . Bonita

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