I finally saw a rheumotologist yesterday. He said that from the blood work that my PCP did that it looks like I am borderline lupus. He is taking me off of the prednisone and other meds. I go back in 2 weeks for the results of a urine and more blood test that he did. He said everything looks and sounds good.
But I thought there was no "borderline" lupus. You either have it, or you dont. When I told him about the chest pains, the rash, the swollen ankles and hands, depression, and FATIGUE, I got the distinct impression he blew me off. I wanted to grab him and yell, "YOURE NOT LISTENING TOO ME!! I am not some deranged lonely housewife who sits around and imagines these things!"
Has anyone else ever felt this way? I am no doctor, but I know my body and I know how I feel. Even without an MD behind my name, I know what is and isn't normal!!