Well I was diagnosed with lupus 5 months ago. My first positive Ana, fingers, hand, wrists, knees aching. Hair falln out. mouth sores etc.. then two months in started getting dry eyes, dry mouth. talked to rheumy.. She did nothing.. I was on prednisone and plaqunil. Now I have been weened off my prednisone, Im so sick. I ache, tired, Im getting rashes on my legs daily. Im in search of a new Rheumy. I live in South Orange county California..My last sed rate came back negative.. so now she doesnt know if I have it.. Im so overwhelmed. Im grateful for my Husband who is my greatist advocate, and pusher of me getting a new dr.

I have to work two jobs right now. Ive had to call in sick quite alot lately..Im thankful for sites like this..
I also have hoshimotos, renauds..

Mama Meg