Well here we go,

Tomorrow I meet up with the legal advocate at 9a.m. to help me get started on my road to applying for disability. This is a person who is helping me fill out this complicated for free from my cities Community Services. Why do I keep feeling like this is all going to be hard work for a lost cause? I guess that's what stops most people from actually applying in the first place.
I am so worried and so highly stressed right now mainly because of having NO money all the time. I am on welfare right now and you need to be on welfare in order to apply for disability, because the type of disability I am working towards comes from my provinces government, and not the government of Canada, as I was told even if I applied for federal disability, I would be turned down because I have not worked enough years and made enough money to be eligible, whereas for provincial, you only need to work a maximum of 2 years.
It's so hard being on welfare and even STAYING on it for that matter, they're so rude to you and really push you to get off, even when you need it the most. I have to keep relying on other people to pay bills for me because otherwise I cannot survive, I'd literally lose everything and go bankrupt off the pathetic $527 a month that I am given. I am going to try this route first and if it doesn't work I can appeal, but if that doesn't work again then I will have no choice and be forced to work. It's just wonderful isn't it? Fine if that happens, then at least there's got to be SOMETHING that can pay for like, training or, even monthly assistance to help me LIVE, or how about finding a job that is suitable for my health and something that I can handle and maybe PLACE me there? I'm going to ask as many questions as possible tomorrow...Because I am going out of my mind with fear.

I hope this work's, or else I don't know what else to do.