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Thread: I'm finally back - missed you guys!

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    Smile I'm finally back - missed you guys!

    Hi everyone!
    Wow! My life has been a roller coaster ride since I got back from Greece!
    My grandson David came out to spend two weeks with us, and he wore me out. I'm not used to dealing with an 11 year old anymore. While Jeff was in classes, I took David out exploring the local beaches and seeing all the local sites. We spent one entire day at the Monterey Aquarium. I was on my feet from the time that we parked, at 10:30 am - until we left at 6 pm to head for Anthony's Pizza on the base.
    David got to be in the Underwater Explorers Program at the Aquarium, so he had a scuba diving lesson in the tide pool. He's crazy about animals and nature, so I think that was a highlight for him.
    On the weekends, I enlisted Jeff's help. We took him up to the boardwalk at Santa Cruz and turned him loose on the rides. Those wonderful old rides have been there since 1907, and he was one happy little boy. We were smart that day and took my wheelchair along.
    By the end of those two weeks, Jeff and I were so tired of kid food! No more McDonald's or pepperoni pizza for us! And, we're catching each other humming the theme songs to Hannah Montana and The Wizards of Waverly Place! Unfortunately, I think that it put me into a flare, so I felt a bit bad after David left.
    My job as 2nd VP of the Spouses' Club is getting busy, so I've been going to lots of meetings. I'm in charge of The New Spouse Welcome at the end of the month.
    We had a visit from the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and his wife had a meeting with 25 of the members of the Spouses' Club. That was quite an honor to attend!
    The two cute young Lieutenants who were given the task of putting together the Navy Ball in October asked for help, so now I'm on the Navy Ball committee. Those boys were helpless, but several of us have past experience with planning balls, so we're setting them straight. The ball will be less than a week before our 34th anniversary, so I'm looking forward to going out to celebrate that evening.
    I get almost daily calls from my girls. Heather is always busy in the lab at NYU. Hillary just got promoted to a Director position at USAA. Kayla is going back to college, thinking of becoming an RN, like her grandmother. She just enrolled Kyle in Kindergarten. Meg is always calling me with teething horror stories. Ryan is 7 months old, but now has six teeth on top, two on the bottom and four more trying to break through on the bottom. Breastfeeding has become a bit difficult for her! He's also already pulled himself up to his feet and is cruising around the coffee table and couch! He is a handful!
    My son Tom called me this morning. He is now an executive in the business that he works for. They have been flying him out to LA and San Diego quite a bit lately. He's in LA now, and thinks that he might be able to grab a flight up here to visit us this weekend. It will be wonderful to see him! At least, he won't keep the TV on the Disney Channel!
    So that's my crazy life for the last month. I'm going to post a couple of medical concerns in separate posts.
    Love you all,

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    Wonderful news that you have been busy and that you are back. I was wondering about you. Good to hear your family is all doing well. I bet having an 11 year old for 2 weeks was enough to wear you out. Makes you appreciate peace and quiet! Sounds like you have plenty of work yet to do so BE HEALTHY! Glad you are home! Billie

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    wow! lots of things happening. it seems like when things are quite we are bored to death and then God answers and we are so busy we can barely catch a breathe. I'm so glad to see your craziness if filled with good happenings (except that flare). And Meg definately has an expert on hand with you. I am sure you are a comfort to her through all this. I actually thought of you last week when the baby was born b/c my sister is breast feeding and, thank God, it has gone exceptionally well. She needed a nipple cover and then things were good to flow so to say. Can't wait to see all your new pics.
    As long as this body works, I am going to enjoy life to the fullest for each second of every moment that I can.

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